Hongwei Jiang,MD (Luoyang)

No 24 Jing Hua Road, Jian Xi District, 1st Ahihwted Hospital, Henan University of Science & Technology, Luo Yang, Henan 471003, China
  • Dermatologist
Full name: Hongwei Jiang,MD

Health Insurance companies provide health care support to acquire settlement of service fees, letting you include your healthcare requirements close to Luoyang. Request this chance when hitting Hongwei Jiang,MD. In China there are a lot of Consulting Rooms from all types, you could check out the large types or search for a compact 1 having a lower price array.

In purchase so that you can stay relax and really feel confident in the procedure you are going to perform, you need to match the medical Professional who can perform the providers and request him all of the doubts that occur. In China there is a big plurality of clinics of any type, you can find them easily and they offer a variety of specialties. If you are searching for a medical Professional from the metropolis, Hongwei Jiang,MD may well be a great place to start given that they provide lots of remedies along with the individuals are really content with the results. We must be cautious about excessively the best prices and simple deals ever since the operate, workers, technologies, facilities, methods and equipment of those Health Facilities have a number of really homogeneous costs in the marketplace.

New in Luoyang?

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  • GPS

    34.653694, 112.392319
  • Location

    China, Henan Sheng, Luoyang
  • Address

    No 24 Jing Hua Road, Jian Xi District
    1st Ahihwted Hospital, Henan University of Science & Technology
    Luo Yang, Henan 471003