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Dmitriy Serkin,MD (Chita)

Gor'kogo str. 39A, Zabaykalskiy Kray, Chita 672039, Russia
  • Dermatologist
  • Dermatologist
Full name: Dmitriy Serkin,MD

Not all the clinics in the area of Gor'kogo str. 39A, Zabaykalskiy Kray, Chita 672039, Russia are similar so, before you decide, try to find out about it gather as much as info you may. Before you visit any health facility in Chita, you need to give some time to Dmitriy Serkin,MD to be sure that it really is a good place.

Choosing your trusted doctor in the area of Russia is, perhaps, one of the most crucial processes in your lifetime so will not leave that requirement to possibility, or luck and let us help you with this matter. Some clinics are certainly not just like they may look, so just before contacting Dmitriy Serkin,MD it will be best if you read all of the evaluations and gather as much as information it is possible to for the greatest one. It is advisable that this group of doctors have been rehearsing for years given that expertise is very important along with a great crew of doctors definitely makes the right decisions and offers you the services you really need. There are a series of treatment options, especially those of higher complexness, that have an excellent worth, specifically for the materials which can be used, so prices are usually high.

Ever been in Chita?

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health facility, so you can enter them into your GPS to help you locate the clinic easily.:

  • GPS

    52.040188, 113.513641
  • Location

    Russia, Zabaykal’skiy Kray, Chita
  • Address

    Gor'kogo str. 39A
    Zabaykalskiy Kray, Chita 672039

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